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Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs

Nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like owning your very own hot tub. Once the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous, jacuzzis and hot tubs are now popping up with great frequency in back gardens of all shapes and sizes across the country. This partly due to pricing structures becoming increasingly competitive in recent years which has made them more accessible than ever before. 

Here at Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services, we have access to an extensive range of in and above ground jacuzzi and hot tub models so you will be sure to find one which complements your outdoor living space. 

Still feeling undecided about taking the plunge? Here, we list some of the main advantages of investing in a jacuzzi or hot tub for your home.   

Suitable for year-round use: Perhaps the main advantage of investing in a hot tub or jacuzzi is that it can be used all year long – yes, even here in Ireland! Though they can be cooling and refreshing in the summer months, there are also few experiences more exhilarating than sitting in a steaming hot tub in the crisp winter air. Their small size means that they can be heated relatively easily and inexpensively. Just keep that towel handy for your quick dash back inside!

Health benefits: You won’t have to step foot off your own property for a taste of the spa experience if you choose to invest in your own jacuzzi or hot tub. A warm, bubbling soak can help relax tense muscles, alleviate stress and even improve sleep quality. Regular soaks in a jacuzzi or hot tub have also been proven to help with the management of chronic pain such as arthritis and other inflammatory conditions as well as improving cardiovascular health. You may even choose to enhance the spa experience further by piping in some relaxing music (glass of fizz optional!).

Great entertainment source: We can guarantee that you will be seeing more of the neighbours when they realise you have your very own hot tub or jacuzzi. Hot tubs, in particular, are perfect for enjoying some downtime with friends and family. The addition of an entertainment system to the mix would also help make for some truly unforgettable evenings.

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