Ground works/Site Clearance

We have the experience and machinery to clear and prepare any site
Ground works

Ground works/Site Clearance

Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services is proud to offer a comprehensive and professional site clearance service that provides a multitude of advantages for individuals and businesses planning new house builds, alternative land use, or landscaping projects. Our extensive experience and expertise, coupled with our specialist machinery, enable us to excel in this field. Here are the key advantages of choosing our professional site clearance services:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have successfully cleared and prepared numerous sites. This accumulated expertise enables us to efficiently handle complex projects and anticipate potential challenges.

  2. Specialized Machinery: We have invested in cutting-edge, industry-leading equipment designed for site clearance and preparation. This machinery is designed to handle various aspects of the project, from tree surgery to invasive weed management, making our services highly efficient and cost-effective.

  3. Access to Difficult Terrain: Our specialized equipment and experienced operators allow us to access and work in difficult terrains that might be challenging for other service providers. This is particularly valuable when dealing with sites that have steep slopes, uneven terrain, or restricted access.

  4. Tree Surgery and Stump Removal: Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services have the capability to perform tree surgery and stump grinding and removal. This is essential for projects that require the removal of large trees and tree stumps to ensure the safety of the construction or landscaping work.

  5. Invasive Weed Management: Invasive weeds can hinder the development of a site. Our team is equipped to effectively manage and remove invasive species, ensuring that the area is cleared and prepared for further development.

  6. Soil and Subsoil Stripping: We can efficiently strip and remove soil and subsoil layers as needed. This is important for sites where the existing soil composition is unsuitable for the intended project and needs replacement.

  7. Stabilization: To ensure a stable foundation for your construction or landscaping project, we can provide stabilization services to mitigate erosion, soil shifting, or other potential issues.

  8. Topsoil Supply: Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services can supply topsoil for your project. We can provide quality topsoil that is suitable for landscaping, gardening, or construction, ensuring that your project starts with the right foundation.

  9. Cost Efficiency: While it might seem cost-effective to handle site clearance on your own, professional services like ours can ultimately save you money by efficiently using resources and equipment, avoiding costly mistakes, and completing the project in a shorter timeframe.

  10. Safety and Compliance: We prioritize safety in all our operations. Our team is well-versed in safety protocols and regulations, ensuring that your site clearance project is carried out in compliance with local laws and regulations.

In summary, Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services offer a comprehensive site clearance service with a range of advantages, including expertise, specialized machinery, access to difficult terrain, and the ability to handle various aspects of site preparation. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and cost-efficiency makes us the ideal choice for preparing your site for a new house build, alternative use, or landscaping project.

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