Water Features

Bringing a sense of tranquillity to your garden design
Water features

Water Features

There are many elements to consider when planning your garden makeover. Choosing the perfect patio stone, decking shade and shrubbery can all have a huge impact on the finished result. Selecting the right water feature can also make a real statement in your new outdoor space. Here at Elm Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services, we have access to a full range of stunning water features for your garden, which can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. 

Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal, adding a water feature can also –

Promote a sense of tranquillity: Running water has long been proven to promote relaxation, boost energy and even alleviate stress. For these reasons, adding a water feature to your new garden could help to transform it into your very own outdoor retreat.

Help mask noise pollution: Water features have the added advantage of helping to minimise the sound of passing traffic and other exterior factors and flowing and bubbling fountains and streams are particularly effective at absorbing unwanted noise. Water features can often be found in hotel lobbies for this reason.

Make it more personal: Adding a decorative water feature to your outdoor space presents a real opportunity to showcase your personal taste. Whether you are a fan of sleek modern lines or more elaborate structures, your new water feature is guaranteed to become a real focal point in your garden.

Invite wildlife: As a valuable water source, your new waterfall or pond could attract a variety of wildlife to your garden. This, in turn, will have wider benefits for the garden ecosystem and general vitality of your outdoor space, not least bringing all that lovely birdsong for you to enjoy.

Boost property value: This is perhaps an obvious one but is nonetheless worth mentioning. Enhancing the appearance and atmosphere of your outdoor living space with a water feature will certainly add to the overall appeal and value of your property.

Rock Water Features

Decorative stone or rock is the ideal material to enhance the design of your water feature. Water trickles over the rocks adding that relaxing, soft sound to your garden acoustics.  Available in many different unique and stylish shades, you can choose the perfect combination to enhance your garden design. 

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