Project: The Ultimate Luxury Garden Spa


Larch Hill, Co. Clare.

Services Undertaken:

Please find a list of the one stop shop services provide for the ultimate luxury garden spa. Grey Limestone Patio area with black limestone kerbing, decorative gravel chip as border. Liscannor stone walling with glass wind barrier, Outdoor lighting, Outdoor Gas fire pit, Artificial grass area with play equipment, Hedge planting, Evergreen ready hedge, Bespoke timber wall cladding, Millboard enhanced grain coppered oak decking, Water feature set on square stone surround with decorative stone, Jacuzzi spa on elevated platform.

Features of the Luxury Garden Spa Project:

Al fresco dining space with direct access to the home complete with paving area leading onto an elevated decking platform to hold jacuzzi spa. Outside gas fire pit and outside TV. Stone walling with glass wind barrier. Artificial grass space with play area. Water feature set on square stonework surround. Evergreen hedging planted for privacy screening. Bespoke timber wall cladding. 

Description of our Luxury Garden Spa Project:

This truly is the ultimate in luxury home garden design. With direct access from the home this outdoor space includes a dining area patio which leads to a decking space where the jacuzzi spa sits on an elevated platform. Incorporating lighting here makes this area completely transform as the evening draws in.

We also added a glass wind barrier around the jacuzzi and framed the space in wood cladding to add warmth. The gas fire pit sits in the center giving a focal point to the space. 

Artificial grass ensures the client has the perfect year round lawn. In addition to this area to the right of the site we added a sphere shaped water feature to the grey limestone patio adding that extra touch of luxury with the sound of softly trickling water. Evergreen ready hedge was added to the perimeter of the area to ensure privacy.

Our Client was delighted with their Luxury Garden Spa. 

Jacuzzi spa with dining area - Luxury Garden Spa
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