Project: Wildflower Meadow Design


Lahinch, Co. Clare.

Services Undertaken:

Wildflower meadow design by our garden design team. Ground works including clearance of existing vegetation and rock breaking to reshape the ground, addition of flat and sloped areas throughout the bank, slow growing meadow grass and wildflower planted


Large wildflower and biodiversity area on sloped site with flat areas incorporated throughout for walkability


This area to the left of the clients home was an overgrown, under utilised space due to a steep slope, an overgrowth of vegetation and dangerous uneven bedrock throughout. Our team cleared the existing ground cover and broke out the rock formations that were causing obstruction to the view. We then redesigned the sloped bank, adding flat areas for walkways tiering the landscape. A slow growing meadow grass and wildflower seed mix was planted resulting in a colourful meadow of floral looking out over the stunning sea views.

Wildflower meadows have several advantages. Firstly, they provide a habitat for a diverse range of wildlife, including insects, birds, and mammals. This can help to increase biodiversity in an area. Secondly, wildflower meadows can be visually appealing, with a mix of colours and textures that can create a natural and beautiful landscape. Thirdly, they can help to improve soil health and prevent erosion by providing ground cover and reducing water runoff.

Additionally, wildflower meadows require less maintenance than traditional lawns or gardens, making them a low-maintenance and cost-effective landscaping option. Finally, they can also help to reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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