Project: Tree Surgery Project at Colaiste Muire Ennis


Colaiste Muire, Ennis, Co. Clare.

Services Undertaken:

Tree Surgery Project Description:

At Colaiste Muire, our Tree Surgery team initiated a comprehensive tree condition survey to evaluate the health and needs of the existing trees. Based on our findings our focus included crown reductions, dead wood removal, and crown thinning for various mature and semi-mature trees such as Oaks, Beech, Limes, Horse Chestnuts, Silver Birch, and Cedar.

Executing this extensive tree surgery project required the collaboration of two dedicated crews, strategically organised to meet tight deadlines and ensure completion before the school resumed. Over a span of four days, our team efficiently employed in-house traffic and pedestrian management, along with specialised equipment like spider hoists and chippers, to carry out the necessary tasks. This meticulous approach aimed not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment but also to guarantee safety of staff and pupils with minimal disruption during the crucial back-to-school period.

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