Project: Dangerous Tree Removal and Tree Pruning


Kinvarra, Co. Galway.


Large trees throughout the property were assessed for structural integrity and health. Tree pruning, crowning and reduction was completed where possible and one dangerous tree was removed as it was pushing out the boundary wall onto pedestrian footpath between church and school. 


The beautiful grounds of this church had become overgrown with large trees needing to be pruned back and one dangerous tree removed from sit site due to it pushing out the boundary walls and encroaching on a pedestrian footpath between the church and school. Trees that underwent surgery have been carefully pruned, removing dead or overgrown branches, creating a more manicured and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The canopy of the trees had a healthier and more balanced look.

One of the primary reasons for the tree surgery was safety, and the grounds now feel much safer. The risk of falling branches during storms or strong winds has been significantly reduced, making the grounds a more secure place for relaxation and outdoor activities.

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