Wood ChippingElm Landscaping Services Ltd offer wood chipping operations with fully certified and trained staff.

Our wood chippers can also be hired accompanied by one of our operatives.

The need to reduce timber and brash for transport and recycling purposes makes chipping an ideal option when carrying out site clearance, grounds maintenance and garden refurbishment works. The resultant chips can be spread on site if suitable or removed to a green waste facility.

GreenMech Arborist 150 6”

The Greenmech Arborist 150 6” Mobile Wood Chipper is road-towable and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal when needing to chip and shred on site.

GreenMech Safe-Trak

The GreenMech Safe-Trak tracked wood chipper can access and work successfully in the most difficult of terrain handling large volumes of bulk timber and arisings.