Preparation of ground with a layer of compacted stone and a layer of compacted soil, to make the artificial grass soft underfoot. The trampoline is sunken into the ground with a seamless area of artificial grass surrounding it. This is done by cutting "triangular strips" from the circumference in towards the centre point of the circle, leaving these "triangles" connected to the main piece of artificial grass. You can see how these will allow for the most aesthetically pleasing finish when the trampoline is installed into the circular hole.

Paving is laid in the corner of the garden, with a raised frame around the existing tree. Stepping stones run to the main paving at the back and side of the house, tieing it all in. The walls of the patio in the corner are wooden clad for aesthetics and sound absorption. 

Sleepers frame raised beds on the boundaries in the back garden and have slate mulch spread within them. The same slate mulch is used in the front garden on the boundary beside the newly laid artificial grass and also at the side of the house where a wooden gate has been installed for privacy and to keep little ones in.

Services included: Artificial Grass Installation, Paving and Garden Landscaping.

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