Tree Planting and Hedging

Tree Planting and HedgingWhether its a new lease of life for your shrub beds or tree and hedge planting, we can offer options from bare root transplants and 2ltr pots to 6mtr+ mature tree specimens.

Services include boundary hedges and screen planting to avenue tree planting and full garden construction or refurbishment. Plant material can be sourced from our suppliers at a range of Irish and European wholesale nurseries giving you an extensive choice.


Extensive Range

Extensive RangeElm Landscaping Services Ltd can also supply an extensive range of specimen trees and shrubs for your property from Japanese Maples to Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees to Topiary and Evergreen Flowering Shrubs for all year round colour.

We are happy to advise on aftercare and maintenance regimes or if appropriate we can provide a phased programme of operations to ensure successful establishment.

We have many years experience in tree planting and the installation of both over and underground tree supports, root management, soil structure systems, irrigation and tree grilles. Our team of professional landscapers including our horticulturalist and experienced project managers make sure all planting works are carried out to the highest standard.


Design and Maintenance

Design and MaintenanceOur in house Landscape Architect can prepare detailed planting plans and designs together with a bill of quantity. The design proposals can include hand or technical (CAD) drawings – as the project determines. Specific planting plans will be created to make sure your project is unique.

Wether you are looking for formal hedging, for example Box (Buxus sempervirens), Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) or Yew (Taxus baccata) or a native hedge mix we are able to advise you with the most suitable type. We can prepare specific planting plans whether you are looking for a formal garden, a cottage garden, a water garden, a forest garden or a low maintenance garden. For wild flower meadows we can take soil samples and prepare a special seed mix that suits your site and setting.