Decorative Gravel

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Decorative Gravel

Our selection of Decorative Gravel are ideal for any driveway, footpath or shrub bed. With an array of colours and sizes in our Decorative Gravel range, any footpath, driveway or shrub bed can be turned into that peaceful haven. Used in conjunction with CoreGravel Stablising Sheets as an ideal option for your driveway.

Gravel Types


Coregravel Stabilising SheetsCoregravel Stabilising Sheets

CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets utilizes recyclable grey Polypropylene material with a sheet of honeycomb hexagon cells. Ideal for use in any driveway, car park and pathways. CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets provides a honeycomb design that is rigid and holds its uniform hexagon shape, which provides maximum load bearing.

The underside has a durable geotextile which in cooperation with our decorative gravel allows the water to easily re-enter the soil, making CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets a desired choice where sustainable drainage is desired.

The interlocking system and manageable size sheets make for easy installation, and CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets are entirely environmentally friendly.


Bark MulchBark Mulch

Mulches are used for various agricultural and gardening purposes. When applied to the soil surface, it benefits plant growth and minimises garden maintenance. They moderate internal soil temperatures by retaining heat from the day and radiating it to the soil at night during spring and autumn. In winter mulches moderate soil warming during the day, limiting the stress plants undergo during soil freezing and thawing cycles. They also are used prevent frost heaving of unestablished plants in winter and during summer, they keep soil cool by blocking direct sunlight exposure of the soil surface.

Available in small bags, bulk bags or loose.

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