Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding Pros

At Elm Landscaping Services Ltd we have the experience, equipment and capability to carry out  lawn seeding works for gardens and properties both big and small. We also supply and lay turf grass for instant lawns throughout Clare, Limerick, Tipperary & Galway.

Our specialized ground preparation and seeding machinery allows us to work both large and small areas with the ability to deal with all types of ground conditions whether your requirements are for grass seeding or lawn turf.

We also offer this equipment for hire through our landscape machinery hire service.

Seeding Services

Lawn Seeding

From ground clearance, debris and vegetation removal, top soiling, grading, seed bed preparation, seeding, rolling and fertilizing.

Lawn Turf

Full ground preparation, supply and laying of all grades of lawn turf for instant lawns

Wildflower Meadows

Full ground preparation, supply and seeding of a wide range of wildflower mixes to suit your particular site conditions. We can analyze the soil make up and advise on the most appropriate mix to ensure best results.


This process utilizes a liquid mix of water, seed, mulch, tackifying agents and fertilizer which is sprayed onto prepared ground in a uniform layer. It promotes quick germination and can be very cost effective over large or inaccessible areas.

lawn seeding
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